August 15, 2019

Refrigerated Centrifuge RC4500 (Vinci-Technologies)


This is an overview on the working experience of refrigerated centrifuge RC4500 usage. This centrifuge was originally manufactured by Hettich GmbH & Co and specially upgraded by Vinci-Technologies. It is designed for oil and gas research purposes. The company produces 30 centrifuge per year in average and it is far from serial production. Basically, petroleum companies use the centrifuge to study capillary curves and evaluate the wettability of rock using cylindrical rock samples.

Technical Description

The modifications made by Vinci-Technologies is presented by the observation window on the centrifuge cover, video camera on this cover, two stroboscopes and two temperature sensors inside of the centrifuge. Vinci-technologies also developed two types of core holders: atmospheric and overburden. These core holders are used to conduct the experiment with cylindrical rock samples. The core holders are equipped with transparent polymer glasses which are used for optical detection of phase boundary during the experiment.

Experiment description

Talking simple the saturated rock samples are placed inside the core holders and then centrifuge starts. Under the centrifuge force the liquid is displaced from rock samples by other liquid of gas. Video systems helps to measure the liquid the left the samples and accumulated inside the glass. In most cases the experiments go at different speed steps after which we have a set of photos.